Our Golden History













The mantle of glory of the deceased Svant was then fittingly donned by his worthy disciple Late Harihar Mukherjee, an undaunted social activist with a checkered career. He started whence the Svant had stopped. Challenges and odds were very many there but the determined visionary in him took arms against the sea of troubles. Like the proverbial crow Sri Mukherjee had his will and he found the way. Swamiji had his Chatuspathi – a flickering lamp against blasts from all corners. Like the ‘Jeevan Deep’ symbol Sri Mukherjee guarded it with his hands cupped and helped it glow more and still more. Under his leadership a High English School was started on 1st January, 1940. But it was a long patient and strenuous travel from pillar to post in search of resources. He did not aspire for any princely donations from the then colonial rulers instead he went to common people with his mission to be with them expecting them to be with him. They were. They contributed their mite to translate his Guru’s long cherished dream into a reality. Under the aegis of the Trust, blessed with the founder Secretariship of Late  Harihar Mukherjee, an educational complex has since been developed through the years in the Manbhum Ananda Ashram with the following educational units.

    In the year 1994 the Trust rebacked itself and tightened its belt with an unrelenting vigour and determination to be instrumental in bringing about a sea change in the Social sector as it had successfully done in the Education sector. Accordingly the Trust was revitalized and our ‘Zero Hour’ commenced anew.