Mobile Medical Clinics

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Mobile Medical Clinics
February 01, 2015


MANT has been entrusted to implement the Mobile Medical Camp Project in 9 Blocks namely, Garbeta-II, Sankrail of PaschimMedinipur, Ranibandh of Bankura, Manbazar-II, Bandowan, Bagmundi and Jhalda-II of Purulia and Dhupguri and Madarihat of Jalpiguri. The projects got initiated in the last week of January 2012. While 10 MMCs were initiated in the  Blocks namely, Raipur and Sarenga of Bankura, Binpur-I and II, Gopiballavpur-II and Jhargram of PaschimMedinipur and Rajganj, Matiali, Nagrakata and Kalchini of Jalpaiguri on August 2012. Of Late a MMC has been started to operate in the Vilage of Amalasole since Decmber 2012. In this financial year the Bagmundi and Sarenga MMCs have been discontinued and Simlapal MMC started to operate from 2nd May 2013.

Type of Services Being Provided

Reproductive & Child Health Services:

1.       To be provided by the doctor to mothers and children who will be referred to the camp by the ANMs /other local health workers, or who will attend the camps on their own, seeking services              related to the reproductive and child health including ante natal and post natal check-up

2.       Treatment of common childhood illness such as diarrhoea, ARI / pneumonia, etc.

3.       Treatment of RTI /STI and counselling

4.       Treatment and counselling of adolescent girls and women in the reproductive age group.

5.       Temporary methods of family planning (CC&OP) including counselling


1.       Treatment of minor ailments to all who will attend the medical camp.

2.       Minor surgical procedures and suturing

3.       Early detection of TB, Leprosy, Malaria, Kala-Azar, iodine deficiency, RTI/STI, adolescent anaemia, risky pregnancy, post-partum problems, sick neonates, diarrhoea, severe & acutely                         malnourished (SAM) children and other locally endemic communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cataract cases etc.

4.       Eye check-ups and referral

5.       Referral of complicated cases


 1.       Investigation facilities like TC, DC, ESR, haemoglobin, routine urine and stool test;

 2.       Smear for malaria and vaginal smear for trichomonas;

 Radiology facilities and services

Portable/ fixed X-ray machine (100 MA) and accessories.