Project Information

MANT is using drama as one of the mediums of IEC to address Social, Health, Livelihood and Environment related issues in West Bengal, India. The cultural troupe of MANT relies centrally on simple props and tools to pass on information to, and foster communication among the people living in even the remote villages.


The troupe consists of 10 unemployed rural youths having first hand knowledge about rural sociology. In addition to offering live theatre and participatory drama workshops, MANT works for preparation of small films, video etc. It can also act as a consultant, designing plays or materials at the request of the organization that have message for people living in West Bengal or any other parts of Indian Sub –continent. MANT is covering various focused areas pertaining to promotion of Democratic Governance at the local level, Reproductive Health, Water and Sanitation, Tobacco, Malaria, HIV/AIDS & Environmental Sanitation.

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